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The Hardware Testing Center Is Qualified. The Small Locks Are "Locked" To The Unobstructed
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In 2004, Xiaolan Town was awarded the title of “China Lock Export Base” by the state. However, when the Xiaolan lock was exported, it was sent to other institutions for testing. The author learned from the Xiaolan Town Chamber of Commerce on June 14 that the Xiaolan Hardware Testing Center under the Chamber of Commerce has successfully obtained the metrological certification and laboratory accreditation of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration, which means that the inspection report issued by the Hardware Testing Center will be awarded worldwide. Recognized, companies can complete testing without leaving the town.
It is understood that Xiaolan Hardware Testing Center was established in June 2007 by Xiaolan Lock Industry Association. The purpose is to provide a common product testing technology service platform for locksmiths in Xiaolan Town, to help enterprises develop new products and overcome technological breakthroughs. After obtaining accreditation, the center's inspection capabilities include national standards for locks, industry standards, US standards, and European standards.