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Tianjin Factory Organizes Backup Backbone Military Training Activities
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In order to strengthen the physical fitness of employees and enhance their work enthusiasm, the Tianjin factory held a reserve military training activity for more than 20 days at the beginning of the year.
This military training is divided into two parts: early training and late training. The morning training lasted from 6:50 to 7:20. The morning and early exercise were mainly used to adjust the working condition of the day; the evening training was from 4 to 5 in the afternoon, with fun, supplemented by simple military. Projects to improve teamwork and cohesion. In the process of military training, all the backup backbones fully promoted the spirit of sincerity and unity and perseverance. No comrade was interrupted or absent without any reason. Even in the cold weather of minus 17 degrees Celsius, everyone still insisted on completing the scheduled training program. Military training not only provides a platform for everyone to exercise self and mutual understanding, but also enables everyone to develop early habits and a new look.