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Striving For Zhejiang Quality Award, Lmproving Quality Management Consciousness
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The Quality Award is the highest award in the quality field, and the high performance model standard reflects the excellent ideas and methods of modern management. It is the experience summary of many successful companies. It is the incentive and guidance for enterprises to pursue excellence and become a world-class enterprise. way. In 2010, the ** general factory will fully implement the “High Performance Evaluation Guidelines” and strive to create the Zhejiang Quality Award.
In order to improve employees' attention to quality and quality, and to enhance employees' understanding of high performance, the recent ** general factory held the “Shengchuang Provincial Quality Awards Launching Conference”. Director Hong pointed out at the meeting: The high performance model is the current factory The scientific management model required, all departments and workshops should take the implementation of high performance model to the strategic level, guide and encourage the pursuit of excellence in the quality of management, and constantly mature, and achieve sustainable development. At the same time, the factory also invited the ** teacher to explain the terms of the high performance evaluation criteria, explain all the personnel in detail, and analyze the classic cases, so that employees have a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the provincial quality award and high performance.
Quality is the driving force for long-term sustainable development of the company. Like the listing, the ** factory will take the opportunity to strive for the Zhejiang Quality Award, so that employees can realize the importance of quality from the ideological point of view, and clearly need to implement the high performance model in the future production work, paying attention to product quality and service quality. , management quality, and promote the company's efficiency.